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$3.95 per room

Thats what some companies are offering here in the chicagoland area. Are you seriously going to belive thats a top of the line service? Some people do only to find out that they are being scammed. Do you really think a company can clean a living room, dining room, and 2 bedrooms for about $16, pay their employee,make a profit and deliver a good service. $16 for 4 rooms sounds too good to be true right? Let's analize this. 4 rooms takes about 1 hr. of labor

to clean depending on size,condition and other factors. Then you got your chemicals, gas to get to the job. Then, the company still has to pay the worker. Do you see what I mean. How do they stay in business then? Its called bait and switch! What they do is they mostly hire sub-contractors that get paid on commission. About 20%. That would be $3.20 for that 4 room job for the technician. Thats not a lot of money. So, where they make their money is by adding stuff like pretreatment, deodorizers, and more at about .25/sq.ft.for each thing!! Now it cost to clean those 4 rooms about $416 + a travel charge about $10 totaling to about $420.Also, most of these carpet cleaners do NOT know what they’re doing. They use the wrong chemical, they saturate your carpet, they cause discoloration and you get an awful job. And they cause thousands and thousands of dollars damage, all the time. Then just try to get them back; they avoid you like the plague just like the rest of their victims. All because you innocently tried to save $50 or $100. Yes this does happen...all the time. If the price is cheap, there will ALWAYS be a reason.

Here is the top secret and hidden information that most carpet cleaners DON'T want you to know. Read it now in the Free Consumer Warning before you hire any cleaner. Also see what Choice Magazine had to say about hiring a carpet cleaner. Why did the ACCC take a carpet cleaner to court? CLICK HERE and find out.

Contact us for real honest work and fair prices at 630-898-1434

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